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This corporate responsibility milestone is a bit cheesy – in a good way

By Dave Armon Publisher, CR Magazine

I’m not a big fan of milestone stories.  The 10th anniversary of this or the silver celebration of that isn’t usually all that compelling.
But when I got a call the other day from Pizza Hut, I was impressed.
Turns out the folks behind the grilled cheese stuffed crust pie also do one helluva job feeding the hungry. And it isn’t a recent phenomenon.
Pizza Hut calculates that a system-wide program to donate pizzas and pasta that would otherwise be tossed into the rubbish has totaled 100 million tons of food since it launched in 1992.
“Pizza Hut was doing CSR before it was a term,” said Doug Terfehr, senior director of marketing and corporate communications for the Yum! Brands subsidiary, which was born in Witchata, Kan., in 1958. “This isn’t a bottom line spreadsheet exercise. We want to be part of the community.”
Homeless shelters, orphanages and churches are among the recipients of impromptu pizza parties, said Terfehr.
When dough is approaching expi…

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