Top 10 Reasons to Attend the COMMIT!Forum

Thinking about attending the COMMIT!Forum? This annual event continues to showcase current, timely sessions on hot topics and provides information that the CR professional, as well as the CEO, needs to know. Here we list the top 10 reasons you should attend:

10. A Great New Venue

This year, the COMMIT!Forum takes place at the Westin Times Square - right in the heart of New York City. The beautiful venue provides the perfect backdrop for communicating, sharing, and learning.

9. An Exclusive Workshop with MGM Resorts International

Rey Bouknight, director of corporate communications, and Clark Dumont, senior vice president of Corporate Communications, share MGM's innovative practices in this interesting and informative session.

8. Understanding the Impact of Reputation Session

Beth Rusert, senior vice president & partner at Standing Partnership, discusses real-world comparisons of effective and ineffective reputational risk, and offers five steps for reputational risk mitigation during this session.

7. Your Own Content

The COMMIT!Forum will feature “Issue Tables” that allow you to discuss, debate, and share knowledge on the most relevant issues in the field of corporate responsibility with your peers.

6. CR Magazine's 100 Best Sector List Announcement

CR Magazine's VP of Research, Larry Basinait will announce the 100 Best Sector List. This year was our 17th annual ranking of transparency, accountability, and business performance.

5. The COMMIT!Forum Marketplace

The COMMIT!Forum Marketplace is an area that shows emerging trends in the fields of corporate responsibility and sustainability. THRIVE Farmers coffee is available as you listen and learn from participants.

4. One-on-One CEO Interview

CR Magazine CEO Elliot Clark will host a lively discussion with one of the top CEOs at a large corporation on running a business, sustainability, challenges, and best practices.

3. An Exciting CEO Panel

Shared Responsibility: An Exclusive CEO Panel will offer attendees the opportunity to hear C-level thought leaders share their experiences on topics such as pioneering leadership for environmental stewardship, employee engagement, visionary governance, and more.

2. The Annual Responsible CEO of the Year Awards

CR Magazine’s Responsible CEO of the Year Awards is the highlight of the event. This special dinner and awards ceremony celebrates CEOs who are dedicated to corporate responsibility. The winners will be announced during the anticipated evening. (Admission to the awards dinner requires an additional ticket.)

.....and the top reason to attend the COMMIT!Forum is:

1. A Fantastic Opportunity for Networking

The COMMIT!Forum allows unparalleled networking opportunities for all attendees. You will be able to engage with C-suite executives, CEOs, corporate communication professionals, and CR professionals during the entire forum. Join your colleagues as you discuss important topics like how to run a business more responsibly; how to simultaneously be more sustainable and profitable; how to manage your brand; and how to build a sustainable workforce and supply chain. Responsible companies buy from other responsible companies at our event. Don't miss out!


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