Best Practices in Advancing Women in Middle Management Discussed at COMMIT!Forum

Every year, COMMIT!Forum attendees look forward to gaining insights into the CR strategies and best practices of notable thought leaders. The 2016 conference will include a presentation from Joan Michelson, CEO of Green Connections Media.

Michelson’s session, “Best Practices in Advancing Women in Middle Management,” will elaborate on what managers and executives can do to ensure the women in their organizations have opportunities to advance out of middle management and further their careers through specific initiatives and programming.

Below, Michelson answers a few questions about her session and her expectations for the forum:

CR Magazine: Why should attendees attend your session? What will they learn?

Joan Michelson: They will learn new strategies for advancing women to achieve diversity goals and improve their business performance.

CR: Why do you think it’s important for people to attend COMMIT!Forum, in your opinion?

JM: It’s a way for them learn new strategies that work for achieving responsible business growth, from people who are doing it every day.

CR: What aspect of the forum are you most excited about?

JM:  I’m most excited about meeting new people and learning new strategies.


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