COMMIT!Forum Session Highlight: Managing Reputation Risk

The COMMIT!Forum will feature a session titled "Managing Reputation Risk: A Low-Tech, High-Touch, Cross-Functional Process."

Reputation risk is at an all-time high, but board members are not satisfied with just what the CFO or Chief Risk Officer provides. Join Anthony Johndrow, CEO of Reputation Economy Advisors; Joan Walker, former COO of Allstate; and Richard Woods, senior vice president of corporate affairs at Capital One; during this informative session.

Attendees will learn about reputation risk, and how it requires both an application of expertise and effort to organize a cross-functional leadership effort to provide input to better assessments of identified systemic reputation risks and strategic plans for addressing them.

There are advantages to this:
1) the requested resources are for proactive effort (not reactive);
2) the other functions are already “on-board” with any approved plans; and
3) the “ask” is not a one-time case-building exercise, as it becomes a process that the board mandates going forward.

CR Magazine spoke with Johndrow about the session, and why it can't be missed.  

CR Magazine: Why should attendees attend your session? What will they learn? 
Anthony Johndrow: Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability are positive concepts – concepts that have trouble motivating action in some organizations without the leverage of fear. Reputation Risk is a top priority for boards and CEOs – link your Responsibility work to the effort to reduce and mitigate their biggest fear.

CR: What is the biggest takeaway from your session?  
AJ: Very, very few companies have figured out a way past the barriers to managing Reputation Risk: subjectivity, functional siloes and the crisis mindset. At this session you will hear from two executives who accomplished the impossible and embedded sustainable Reputation Risk Management into their companies.

CR: Why do you think it’s important for people to attend COMMIT!Forum, in your opinion? 
AJ: Working inside any company risks loss of perspective and cramps your ability to be innovative. Events like COMMIT!Forum provide an opportunity to listen and learn outside the box, from your peers who have similar challenges in their companies.


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