How to Build an Inclusive Talent Strategy at the COMMIT!Forum

This year’s COMMIT!Forum will feature presentations from some of the most influential thought leaders in CR. One of these leaders is Diversity Basics CEO Nereida Perez, who will share insights into creating an effective talent strategy.

Her session, “How to Build an Inclusive Talent Strategy,” covers best practices and resources that will enable participants to build an inclusive and collaborative strategy to address talent development needs. Attendees will leave with a checklist that they can use to create an action plan and measure impact.

Below, Perez answers a few questions about her session and her expectations for the forum:

CR Magazine: Why should attendees attend your session? What will they learn?

Nereida Perez: Our nation is facing a critical talent gap with regards to STEM talent. More than 80 percent of jobs will be created in the next 10 years requiring skills in the technology and math.

CR: What is the biggest takeaway from your session?

NP: I’ll be sharing a template that can be used to help companies build recruiting strategies to increase  the talent pipeline.

CR: Why do you think it’s important for people to attend COMMIT!Forum, in your opinion?

NP: The conference provides an excellent opportunity to connect with likeminded people who are committed to driving change globally.

CR: What aspect of the forum are you most excited about?

NP: As a presenter and attendee am excited to learn the latest in innovative practices from other companies and leaders who are helping to improve our workplaces and communities.


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