'Next Gen Responsible Extractives' - a Virtual Reality Experience at COMMIT

The COMMIT!Forum will feature an interactive session titled "Next Gen Responsible Extractives: Leveraging Deep Ecology & Virtual Reality (VR) for High Impact Messaging of Mining's Needs, Opportunities, and 21st Century Solutions." This session is hosted by Charlotte M. Thornton, chairman and founder of Clean Copper Mining, Minerals & Manufacturing, Inc.

CR Magazine spoke to Thornton about her session, and she gave a detailed overview for attendees.

CR Magazine: Why should attendees attend your session? What will they learn?

Charlotte Thornton: Location. Our session takes attendees to Chile where we will explore the largest copper mining district in the world. We invite you to drop by our virtual reality presentation, Trumpet Towers of Light, located by the doorway to the convention hall. You will learn about the world’s largest copper mine tailing, and how its recoveries can benefit all corporate responsibility and sustainability practitioners throughout the supply chain when performed according to parameters we prescribe for realizing the world’s first premium grade Clean Copper defined as Fossil Fuel Free.

There is apparently 13 times more copper in one ton of iPhone 5s, than in one ton of copper ore. Copper is fundamental to everyone’s supply chain, but is typically only acknowledged by the downstream as a life cycle assessment data point for look up in an EPA pre-calculated table, or, in SEC reporting schedules, as 'Not Applicable.'

We observe that the extreme upstream of copper doesn’t communicate with its downstream users. We will be reporting as to this unacknowledged disconnect in terms of our own tediously evolved solution while living as entrepreneurs in Calama, Chile doing systems requirements analysis for systems engineering for transforming a copper mining to run only on solar and hydrogen industrial processes.

We will briefly introduce a new framework for arriving at mega-scale technology solutions for extractives dubbed “Integrated Deep Ecology & Solmaxion Engineering” (IDESOLE). We set forth our IDESOLE framework for thought by all progressive CR professionals simply because it is time to have dialogue and exercise our solutions in the context of ‘deep ecology’ versus ‘shallow ecology’  and especially when crossed with the tenets of Buckminster Fuller. Our Trumpet Towers of Light (conceived in Chile in 2005) are being proposed to be inserted into the world’s largest copper tailing precisely in the spirit of a ‘Bucky Artifact,’ i.e. a perturbation to effect dramatic change because nothing else will or has amidst much change needed.

The mining industry is overdue for change, and oil and gas are close behind for its stranded assets and decoms of offshore production platforms. We make a brief IDESOLE-merited case that ironically Offshore Oil is best positioned to become the next generation of mining and Mining is best suited to become next gen refiners of solar and hydrogen energy, i.e. transport fuels.

Copper is arguably the most important commodity to the global supply chain. The global economy can exist without oil and gas but not without copper. We will prove out how downstream demand for a new premium grade of Clean Copper™ can prove to be the new low hanging fruit for all.

Attendees will walk away with a fuller grasp of how to “see” through to the positive impact upon their own responsibility and sustainability reporting if they were to adopt Clean Copper. We will make clear the unacknowledged impact of the downstream’s copper usage that is unwittingly born daily by the mining communities, workers, and families who suffer unreported pollution levels that no G-20 nation will tolerate.

CR: What is the biggest takeaway from your session?

CT: We advocate transformation of 100-year-old industrial process of copper mining to solar and hydrogen processes even at the expense of preserving metallurgies that yield sulphuric acid as a by product to offset production costs. Our output is a new premium grade of Clean Copper that embodies associated bookable Firm Owned Ecosystem Services. We are informing the entire supply chain how to forward purchase clean copper as a way to avoid paying carbon taxes, which are licenses to pollute.

If enough downstream companies were to adopt clean copper, mining districts can quickly become the world's first regional solar and hydrogen economies outside of the will of the oil companies. An alternative fossil fuel free supply chain would quickly evolve. 

As a de facto member of a global Clean Copper Supply Chain Alliance, hydrogen at the pump will be supported and advocated as having never been closer, dubbed as "Life Without Oil." Clean Copper translates to fossil fuel free for those that want to see it pulled through the entire supply chain.

Check out our website and links inside Crowdfunder and Indiegogo Generosity. We are eager to explore how clean copper can lend opportunities to any large, small, or medium business looking to enhance its responsibility and sustainability reporting in new ways.

CR: Why do you think it’s important for people to attend COMMIT!Forum, in your opinion?

CT: Never has there been 'an opening in the sky' such as now to take back America's heritage of exemplary and ethical global business practices and trade. At COMMIT!Forum, two like-minded souls that unwittingly meet can agree to raise up a new standard, starting a butterfly cascade of change regardless their industry sectors.

The opportunity and implicit necessity of U.S. corporations to once again arrive other nation states, and exude mentorship of technology and innovative corporate culture, versus warmongers after regime change in the name of oil, has never been more important. We must strive to regain our reputation of benevolence, integrity, anti-corruption, and champion of doing the right thing by example.

COMMIT!Forum is the place to be to go for "beyond corporate responsibility and sustainability." The CRA organizers make it easy to COMMIT! with no turning back.


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