A Waste-free COMMITment

Waste Management employees sort waste on Oct. 18, 2016.
Waste Management has again partnered with the COMMIT!Forum to reduce waste at the event. All regular garbage cans at the venue were replaced with three marked receptacles: landfill, plastics, and compost. As attendees utilized these cans, a group of WM waste technicians manually sorted the materials further.

At COMMIT! last year, 149.2 pounds of organic waste were diverted to composting rather than going to a landfill, and 117.2 pounds of recyclables were sent to a recycling center. Overall, 55.5 percent of the total waste material generated at the forum was diverted from a landfill to more responsible disposal/recycling center.

WM wants to beat last year's numbers. Please join us in sorting your trash and let's see how responsible we can be!

Learn more at Waste Management's website. Click here.


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