An Ethical Match for Conscious Consumers and Responsible Companies

Social forecaster Patricia Aburdene—author of the 2005 book "Megatrends 2010"—predicted that future consumers would begin to spend money with socially responsible companies. She believed consumers would prefer to patronize companies that shared a similar belief system of giving back to the community. It was a prediction of a rise in the “conscious,” or “ethical,” consumer.

In 2014, her prediction became a reality when a Nielsen Global Survey revealed that 55 percent of global online consumers across 60 countries said they were willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact.

But thanks to a new organization, they may not always have to pay more. Ethos Deal is a new, web-based promotional platform spearheaded by Bare Philanthropy LLC. It was formed in response to an observed need to give ethical businesses—those that utilize the triple bottom line accounting method of profit, people, and the planet—a way to connect with like-minded consumers, who's budget restraints would otherwise prevent them from purchasing their products.

With the Ethos Deal, conscious consumers are able to utilize their “dollar votes,” and support their favorite brands, even when on a budget. As for the participating ethical businesses, it helps them promote their cause and brand, as well as move their inventory.

Ethical Businesses are able to list their product promotions free of charge on the website, along with their logo and link to their company website. The promotions are then published on all Ethos Deal social media profiles, with 10,000 individual views each day.

Non-profit organizations with a product to sell are welcome to run their promotions as well. The Ethos Deal is open to networking with any other entities that share the same values as their platform—values that become more important every day. Collaborations are welcome in the form of cross promoting, guest blogging, and linking of articles as well. For more information, email

—Sarah Childers, Ethos Deal


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