Issue Table Tweets - A Summary of Discussions at the COMMIT!Forum

During the COMMIT!Forum, the “Issue Tables” session provided a setting for attendees to share their knowledge and insights on the most relevant corporate responsibility issues. 

Attendees discussed, debated, and shared knowledge on the below issues, and at the end of the session each table came u p with a "tweet" - a 140 character or less statement of their conversation.To see more, visit

Topics Included:
  • Engaging the C-Suite
  • Building and Managing a Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Responsible Brand and Reputation Management 
  • Public/Private Partnerships 
  • Sustainable Workforce
  • Next Generation Sustainability Reporting
  • Professional Development in CSR
  • Managing Change
  • Foundation Management
The following tweets were created by the attendees:

“Engaging the C-Suite” Table: C-Suite engagement requires both a business case & a network of internal & external stakeholder support

“Building/Managing Sustainable Supply Chain” Table: A supply chain shouldn’t be a
game of telephone.” Open relationship, communications & accountability #transparency

“Diversity & Inclusion” Table: To increase STEM diversity – Need more education & mentorship and share time and skills.

“Reputation Management” Table: Perception is reality so tell compelling stories compellingly

“Sustainable Workforce” Table: #knowyourlifeskills #removefearoffailure - it means a change in decision making; open line of communication between educators & employees

“Next Generation Sustainability Reporting” Table: Future of CSR reporting is a GRI + SASB + SDG sandwich #reportingsandwich #nextgenreporting

“CSR Professional Development” Table: Development hinges on relationships you build, experience base you grow & ability to communicate own value #investinyourself 

“Managing Change” Table: Embrace change & communicate in way that drives positive core value for employee engagement. #everybodybethechange

"Public Private Partnerships" Table: #PPP are critical for solving #wickedproblems but more connections are needed are needed to make it happen!

“Foundation Management” Table: Foundations can be an effective means for implementing a piece of CSR programs. #pieceofthepie


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