Learn the Value of Networks in Advancing Sustainability at COMMIT!Forum

Most corporate responsibility strategies depend on innovation and collaboration in order to ensure maximum returns on investments. CR professionals are increasingly encouraged to develop deeper and more collaborative relationships as they execute their CSR strategies to meet sustainability goals. COMMIT!Forum attendees can learn about the value of such collaborations in the session titled “Leveraging Networks to Integrate and Advance Sustainability,” led by Marilyn Johnson, head of sustainability at IHS Markit, and Stewart Rassier, director of executive education at the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship. This session will provide knowledge about research and best practices in CSR collaboration, as well as practical examples of how this knowledge can be applied for members of the audience.

CR Magazine spoke with Johnson and Rassier for further insight into their session.

CR Magazine: Why do you think it is important for people to attend COMMIT!Forum? 

Marilyn Johnson & Stewart Rassier: This is a field where information, strategies, expectations and possibilities are ever evolving. The forum provides the opportunity to connect with, learn from, and interact with others as we work to advance sustainability goals in new and innovative ways. The specific topics of culture and supply chain are increasingly becoming topics that corporate citizenship professionals must be aware of to demonstrate impact across the value chain of a company.

CR: Why should attendees attend your session specifically?

MJ & SR: Sustainability goals are focused on addressing complex, global challenges. The most effective and efficient way to continue—and to accelerate progress—is through collaboration and working together.  Our session will focus on leveraging your networks to help advance progress towards your goals.  We'll not only talk about it, but we will also get you up and interacting with your colleagues to discover new ideas and solutions.

CR: What topics will be discussed, and what value will this session bring to attendees?

MJ & SR: We will share insights from what the research tells us about the value of networks, followed by examples of how this is advancing sustainability efforts. And further, we’ll do a hands on exercise to illustrate how leveraging your networks can be a key component to solving problems.  By the end of this session, you will literally have a list of possible solutions to whatever corporate citizenship challenge you are facing.

CR: What is the biggest takeaway from your session?

MJ & SR: Leveraging networks is key to successfully tackling challenges, solving problems and innovating. This session is intended to provide practical insights and learnings, and the interactive session will also provide a memorable takeaway that you can use right away when you get back to your office.


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