THRIVE Farmers Becomes a Certified B Corporation

THRIVE Farmers International, Inc., a company leading farmer-focused sustainability efforts in the coffee/tea food and beverage industry, announces it has received certification as a B Corporation.

THRIVE  joins a group of more than 1,800 Certified B Corps from more than 120 industries in 50 countries by meeting rigorous standards for social and environmental ethics, transparency and accountability to employees, suppliers, and the global community.

“In an industry full of certifications, the B Corp certification is more holistic and validates that THRIVE Farmers' good work goes beyond intention to create true impact for farmers and consumers,” Kenneth Lander, THRIVE Farmers co-founder and chief sustainability officer, says.

THRIVE Farmers was founded in 2011 to allow coffee and tea farmers to economically, socially, and environmentally "thrive." The biggest hurdle farmers face is unpredictable pricing based on the volatile commodity market. Through sharing the real revenue generated by the farmer’s product, THRIVE Farmers creates a predictable, stable, and higher price. These relationships support farmers and allow them to continue farming and enjoy a thriving and sustainable livelihood for their families and communities.

“The B Corp community is a global movement of people using business as a force for good. THRIVE Farmers was born to empower farmers by connecting them to the real value of their work. It is an honor to join B Corp to and be a force for a more inclusive economy and connecting farmers as true stakeholders and partners,” Lander says.

Working with farmers around the world globally informs THRIVE Farmers’ global perspective on what it takes to make a truly sustainable product. Based on the belief that quality products can only be sustainable when sourced from solid social and economic foundations through partnership with farmers, THRIVE Farmers encourages consumers and conscious companies to use everyday purchasing to create a lasting, positive impact.

“As a Certified B Corp, THRIVE is leading by example and showing the world how business can be used as a force for good,” Ben Anderson, director of the B Corp Team, says. “Its mission to empower businesses to create positive impact with their purchasing decisions inspires others to not only be best in the world, but the best for the world."


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